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The paper explores the tripartite relationship between law, food security and national development with a view to proffering measures and strategies aimed at guaranteeing food security in Nigeria through the instrumentality of the law. The paper posits that the concept of 'food security' and 'national development' are inextricably linked for a holistic and integral development framework in any country, especially in a developing nation as Nigeria. The bane of the problem of food insecurity in Nigeria among other factors. include general lack of coherence, the issue of programme and policy continuity. corruption, poor commitment to implementation of agricultural policies, programmes and laws, focus on monolithic oil economy, fast growing population, climate change and other issues relating to institutional and sectoral policies. The paper concludes that through innovation, appropriate measures and pro-activeness on the part of government, Nigeria can achieve sustainable agriculture and food security that will ultimately guarantee and promote human capital and national development.